Paul Ching-Bor


As I am coming home, returning from my opening of the exhibition in the "good old Europe", I hear the rap music as soon as I board the New York subway, then I realize I am once again in the zone of the "real world".


As I am coming home, across the Hudson, looking back from the Path entry of Exchange Place, the sculpture of the Katyn massacre and the main building of the WTC, in a straight line, referring to each other from the opposite shores of Hudson. It intrigues me very much:  what is in people's mind when they have confronted such a perspective.


As the water of Hudson runs down, and runs out to the open sea, I have such notion in my head:  the water character -- what goes around, what comes around.  


As the moment when I relocated to NYC, I thought this was the place, with all the people have one thing in common -- they do want some kind of goal in their life time, that was why they were here.  Searching, expectant, anticipating… so much of the purpose, we didn't have such sense back home, we didn't need a purpose to go on. Here without a purpose, it seems no place for it.


Of course, there is no place like New York, as it has been said: New York state of mind, New York state of drama, New York State of dynamic.